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  D-Link has announced End of Service on December 30, 2022 , for a variety of devices (DCS-935LH, DCS-8200LH, DCS-5025L, DSP-W110, DSP-W215, DCH-S150, DCH-S160, DCH-G020, DCH-G020X, DCH-Z110, DCH-S220, DCH-Z120, DCH-Z310, DCS-935L and DCS-5010L) I have three products form the above list: 2 x  DSP-W215 and 1 x  DCH-S15. All three were fully functional when D-link took the decision to stop the cloud service through I was operating them. I want to bring them to a new life. I don't know how many devices were sold worldwide by D-link, how many were still in use when they were discontinued the service, but I hope I'm not alone in this situation. I'm confident that with help of other people information, knowledge and skills we'll find a way to reuse this good hardware and I think expensive for some of us. Please post in comments any useful information that can help us. Thank you!